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Golf lessons in Fort Lauderdale by PGA Pro Duncan Smith. Who has well over 10 years experience in golf instruction in Florida. One on one golf classes with cutting edge technology to help you perfect your swing.
Golf lessons Fort Lauderdale
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DWS golf lessons Fort Lauderdale
Jul 21 2017

Let Your Arms Hang

I have a setup tip for you this week. One of the most common questions I get asked is  “how far should I stand from the ball?”

There is no definitive answer to this because everyone is different, Some are short, tall some have long or short arms.

What I can tell you is your arms should hang straight down at your address position. Most Amateurs reach for the ball, look at the picture below of 6 tour Pros, notice their arms are hanging straight down. This should be something you do with your Setup.

I have a Lesson Special for the New Year $60 for a 45 minute Lesson. Call me or
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  • Email me at duncangolf@gmail.com or call me at 954 854 2020 with any questions or to book a lesson.

Upcoming Events:

– Junior Clinic at 7 Bridges Saturdays at 10am and Tuesdays at 4.30pm – $25
– FREE kids golf class for beginners at Woodlands CC Feb 13th at 4pm.

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